Saturday, November 18, 2000

I saw Bright Eyes last night and they were simply amazing, eventhough they only played for roughly thrity minutes. He started off the set with "An Attempt to Tip the Scales" and then got down to "Something Vague". The kids at this show, which was held at Bryn Mawr College, were great and seemed into the show, which is a complete rarity for a Philly show. He also played "The Calendar Hung Itself", three songs that I did not recognize, and his drummer's project, Ambulance, played a song, too.

I had intended to finish my indie rock paper tonight, but I was exhausted after work, and ended up falling asleep. Tomorrow is another day, and a totally free on at that, so I will have something to fill my time, then.

things I have enjoyed recently:
*bright eyes.
*"the stranger" by albert camus.
*my pajama pants with stars.
*chocolate chip cookies.
*fall mix tape from nicole.
*"life without pants".
*'skyway" #9".
*"lamb's lettuce".

I need someone to tuck me in.

np: Bright Eyes "Letting Off the Happiness"

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Today has been good so far. I organized the tape case in my car last night. Now I do not have millions of tapes littering my car. The day began cold, and Public Speaking was actually enjoyable today. We spent most of the time doing impromtu speeches, which were sorta interesting. My speech was on "school", and I spoke about how much I enjoy school and learning. I am a nerd.

I am going to start including the playlist from my radio show here, something I have intended to do since the summer.
here goes:
[sleepwalkin' 9-1130am (wcur 91.7fm) 11.15.00]
rainer maria/seven sisters
faraquet/the fourth introduction
at the drive in/arcarsenal
wilco/hotel arizona
breaking pangea/colors on the inside
de la soul/i.c. y'all
michael penn/no myth
q and not u/a line in the sand
rock*a*teens/in the woods of a hemlock park
sunshine fix/the sound's around you
the lucksmiths/untidy towns
primitives/i'll be your mirror
deltron 3030/upgrade
lou barlow/stronger
rainer maria/pincushion
very secretary/nakargot
superchunk/sunshine state
echo orbiter/old man jimmy's psychic emanations
kiss offs/bottle blonde
holiday/who do you know? (played for the oh so sick melissa)
starlight mints/submarine #3
peanut butter wolf/in your ayes
the replacements/skyway
jets to brazil/sweet avenue
built to spill/sidewalk
royal city/took the train
mono puff/creepy
secret stars/shoe-in
kind of like spiting/[track #6]
bright eyes/haligh, haligh, a lie, haligh
blur/on your own
talking heads/heaven
blur/country house
blur/the universal
blur/there's no other way

We also played Becky's promo several times. Hehe.

In other news, my 930 Comm. Theory class was cancelled, so I only have one more class until the weekend begins. I get paid today, too, and this weekend I'll be packing for Chicago, as well as seeing
Bright Eyes and either doing karaoke night on Saturday with Michelle or going to Allentown with Dan.

If you see or talk to Tracie, give her a hug. Her dog, Trinket is having probelms :(

np: Ida "Ten Small Paces"

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

I am about to go to bed soon, but I wanted to listen to the new Rainer Maria album again. It will not be out until January 2001, but it will be well worth the wait. It is absolutely amazing!

I am off. I have a lot of things to do tomorrow, such as my radio show at 9am on 91.7 fm (West Chester, PA area), and I will begin to finish my indie rock paper, too. With any luck, I will be able to conduct an interview with Jimmy Eat World that was supposed to occur last Wednesday.

Good night.

np: Rainer Maria "A Better Version of Me" (favorite songs so far: "the Seven Sisters" and "Spit and Fire")
I am beyond tired. I am so tired that I wish I was tired so I did not feel *this* tired. These Monday night closes are killing me. I am starting to abhor them eventhough it is slow, and I work with Jaime, Jes, and Kristin.

In other good news, my financial aid for this year STILL has not gone through yet. After spending months reviewing my mom's financial info, they decided that they needed my dad's info. Typical luck. I can not choose classes for next semester until my aid goes through, and I was supposed to schedule yesterday. Wish me luck, and hope that the Spring '01semester is not screwed up for me.

The Make*up is no longer! According to an article on Pitchfork today. They stayed together longer than many of the good bands today, but it still seems like their existence was short-lived. Feel lucky if you ever caught one of their live shows. The first time I saw them was in 1998, on the heels of "In Mass Mind"'s release, and the band was on fire. By the time they launched into "Live in the Rhytmn Hive", the crowd was seething and grabbing for a piece of Ian.

np: nothing. i forgot my cds.

Sunday, November 12, 2000

I just got off of the phone with Tracie. Well, about an hour ago I did. We talked for awhile, and it was nice to hear her voice :)

Anyway, work was a blast tonight. Not only was it not very busy, but Jennifer's son, Jordan, was in, so I played airplane with him and he wore a lion's mask to scare away all of the "crazy people". I told Jennifer that I would be willing to babysit him, mostly because Jordan is a fun kid. Well, that, and I need the extra cash.

Jason, a friend that I met at the radio station, who is also in Mass Comm with me, put on a show Saturday night with his band, Alison Ranger, plus Breaking Pangea (absolute must see), Slackjaw, and A Year to Forget at the YWCA in West Chester. A great show! I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't doing the door the entire night. But Jason is a great guy, and you should definitely check out his band.

Oh yeah, I'll be in Chicago from November 21-27, visiting Tracie and other friends. I believe I have a night of fun fun fun lined up with Atsu, too.

Boo. I am going to bed. I'll do a real update tomorrow.