Thursday, November 30, 2000

I am chilling quietly at home getting a Cap'n Jazz fix. Tonight, while I was making dinner, I decided to watch the Simpsons, and my grandmother was in the kitchen at the time, too. We tend to have pretty decent, intelligent conversations, but sometimes she can offend me by judging things, and that is what happened tonight. The low point in the conversation was when she said something to the effect of "small shows for small minds".

I think she does this somethimes because she knows that it gets under my skin.


Chicago was much fun. Weednesday was spent in the loop, and was a pretty good day. Thursday, Thanksgiving, was spent at Tracie's relative's houses, and than back at her house where I crashed because I was so full of food and sleep. Friday was spent out in the malls and stores, and then we ended the night with Janine and Kristen at the Fireside to see Melt-Banana, who I ended up falling asleep to. Amazing, isn't it? I was awake for Kung Fu Rick, though, who were off the hook.

Oh yeah, Janine made some incredible vegan lasagna.

Saturday night was "help Tiffanie with her art Project night", and that is what Kristen, Tracie, Nina, and I did. Until SNL got in the way. The final day, Sunday, was cloudy and dreary, and was spent bumming around before we went to Arlington Heights to see Meet the Parents (pretty good). We ended the night going out to eat.

Well, those are the boring details. I have some poetry to put up, but that can wait because I am tired.

np: Cap'n Jazz "Analphabetapolothology"

It has been eight days since I last posted, and well, yeah, I've been busy. The semester is winding down and I've got a lot of big plans for the new year. I won't let you in on any of them yet...

More on my Chicago trip tonight, and if anyone is going to see Portastatic and Versus at the Khyber on Friday in Philly, e-mail me and we can meet up or something.