Thursday, December 14, 2000

[these are by me]

"tucked-in" 11/25
this is a town that flows from west to east.
it contains anything that has ever happened to the world
(and then some)
i know a guy
he sits alone in the third row from the back
reading the tribune all alone alone alone
like i can feel sometimes
(like i can feel)
when i search my pockets for loose change
nervous and hands tucked away
and tucked-in
scratching my hair
touching the small of your back

in an hour i'll be further east west of the east
because spring is so much more than a season.


there's a secret everyone i know
and this would include (you)

tonight i sleep in a bed i am only slightly familiar with
after walking my soles into oblivion
and learning to love everything i despise
there are two eyes
something that can be understood
something i know quite well

and when i finally wake up
from a few hours away
she is sitting by my side
reminding me that there are secrets in every raindrop
oh so many secrets
and everything good is inside
except when it's on the outside

like rain on my boots
sprinkling on my glasses
headlights centered on illumination
i like being illuminated.

the top ten.
10the faint/blank-wave arcade
08joan of arc/the gap
06q and not u/no kill no beep beep
05aloha/that's your fire
04ida/will you find me
03jurassic 5/quality control
02bright eyes/fevers and mirrors
01modest mouse/the moon and antarctica

and here are the "honorable mentions"
jonny cash/american III, elliott smith/figure 8, jj72/snow, at the drive in/relationship of command, de la soul/art official intelligence, cave in/jupiter, talib kweli and hi-tek, bald rapunzel/diazepam, black-eyed peas/bridging the gap
Here are some of my favorites of the year:
02.10-Old '97s @ the TLA Philly, PA
03.17-The Exploder/Pele/The Promise Ring @ the Ottobar Baltimore, MD
04.07-Hot Rod Circuit/Juliana Theory/Piebald @ the Artful Dodger Harrisonburg, VA (MacROCK)
04.26-Tim KInsella and Eric Mattei/the Dismemberment Plan @ 4040 Philadelphia, PA
04.29-Oxes/Q and Not U @ the Bassmint Reading, PA
05.30-Modest Mouse @ Howlin' Wolf New Orleans, LA
07.15-Aloha @ 4040 Philadelphia, PA
08.06-Mike Kinsella/Turing Machine/Rainer Maria @ 4040 Philadelphia, PA
10.01-Turing Machine/Jimmy Eat World @ the Metro Chicago, IL
10.21-Seafood @ the new 4040 Philadelphia, PA
11.03-Karate @ Rex's West Chester, PA
11.17-Bright Eyes @ Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, PA

It is slightly later in the day and another final is over. I don't think I did so well, but then again it was Comm. Theory, and I have so much trouble keeping all of the theories and traditions straight.

Thursday. The last day of finals, and I am GLAD! I finished a Public Speaking exam about fifteen minutes ago, and I ended the semester with a B, which is pretty good for someone who is nervous while speaking in front of groups. Two more to go, though.

Last night while my uncle was flipping through the channels, he passed the Lifetime network, which was showing "Murphy Brown", one of my favorite shows that I have not seen in ages. It just so happened that Lifetime is running an hour of Murphy Brown from 5-6 pm est everyday this week. Hopefully there will be more regularity.

In other news, not much. Antarctica, the great post-Christie Front Drive project from Eric Richter, has broken up. No apparent reason was given, but all of the former players are onto something new, including Eric's more melody-driven project. Mmhmm.

I am going to do a bit of studying before my next exam.

np: nothing.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

It is the middle of the week and I have but one more day of class, and it consists of three finals back-to-back. It won't be that bad, though, because I exiled myself to the house yesterday so I would be prepared for the toughest of those exams, Comm. Theory. It worked, too, because I am now familiar with the theories I need to know.

The Jeffreylist is back up! I am glad, but I also find it quite funny because Jimmy and I started a list to fill in for the J-list a few days before the J-list was fixed. I spent an entire night making the [ok]fine! list on egroups and inviting people to join, and then two days later the J-list is fixed.

I've got a lot to do today, such as study for two more finals, but I'll leave you with a poem, like I promised days ago.

[destination everywhere]

this is a life
relying on inside make*ups
and moving from here to there
and beauty and everything infinite
blue lines and red lines
straight into the art of the inner city

i heard some sounds
coming from the other end of the platform
on which i stand
the music and the poetry
and the blue lines and the red lines
something that makes all of us whole

today's destination: everywhere
what i want to experience: everything
and in a few more hours
i will be so full of life
standing in the air
with everyone looking at me
i'll look down, with my hands in my pockets
and i'll breathe...out

i hope i never run out of things to say
i hope no one ever runs out of things to say

Have a good day!

np: Black-eyed Peas "Bridging the Gap"

Sunday, December 10, 2000

I always like the unexpected. To see something that you've never seen or experienced before is something truly magical. That's what "Behind the Music" was when I first started watching it: something truly new and innovative. The program took a fresh look at some not so fresh musical groups, most of which I am not a fan of. This week's episode was a rare case because I am a fan of Everclear, suprisingly enough, but the episode was run of the mill. It was the classic "leader comes from the wrong side of the tracks, gets inolved with drugs & booze, forms a band with scraped together money, and gets lucky, becoming famous." True, this is the case with a lot of bands, famous or not, but I am not at the point where I'd like to see the story veiwed from a different angle.

"Behind the Music" is still one of the finest shows on television. While I am on the topic of television, my favorite shows of all time, in no particular order, are:
1. "Homicide" (whenver I am in Baltimore, I always try to visit some of the sites where the show was filmed, just ask Maria)
2. "Twin Peaks"
3. "My So-Called Life"
4. "The Simpsons"
5. "Saturday Night Live"
6. "Law and Order"

I rarely have time to watch any of these shows because TV tends to bore me fairly quickly.

This week is finals week, and then I have a month of work and free time, which I hope to devote to writing and working on this webpage. I am hoping to get down to DC once or twice and I am expecting a visitor from Chicago in the new year, too :)

School looks like it will be busy next semester. I am going to be carrying 15 credits, as well as possibly being a TA for Mass Comm. The indie rock research paper that I talked so much about the past few months was a success. I got a 96 on it, and my prof wants to keep it for future students. Now everyone will know the history of Jawbox and Ida!

Not much else is going on. Today is a typically boring Sunday which I will spend cleaning, reading, studying, and hoping for the sun to show its face.

np: Oasis "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"

p.s.--I massively updated the links (ahem, finally) on the webpage, as well as adding a few more shows.