Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Hmmm. My car is fixed. There was never anything wrong with the fuel pump--I just ran out of gas and the "low fuel" indicator never went on. Go figure.

np: At the Drive In "Relationship of Command"

Monday, December 18, 2000

she is sitting by my side
reminding me that there are secrets in every raindrop
but the water shines on like the star in her mind.
np: Sleater-Kinney "All Hands on the Bad One"
This is an acoustic mix (more or less):
elliott smith/say yes.
old 97's/valentine.
jen wood/lie for a lie.
belle and sebastian/expectations.
superchunk/1000 pounds.
ani difranco/both hands.
hayden/pots and pans.
stereophonics/i wouldn't believe your radio.
rocky votolato/work hard.
tobin sprout/small parade.
the new amsterdams/proceed with caution.
dana and karen kletter/sister song.
cap'n jazz/ooh do i love you.
bright eyes/padriac my prince.
wilco and billy bragg/airline to heaven.
travis/all i want to do is rock.
sean na na/girls! girls! girls!
beck/hollow log.
the secret stars/the four senses.
damien pratt/progress.
merle haggard/wishing all these old things were new.
ida/poor dumb bird.
will oldham/three photographs.
mary lou lord/i figured you out.
ben lee/the birthday song.
the mountain goats/nine black poppies.
Here is one that I made for someone special:
the anniversary/all things ordinary.
sean na na/girls! girls! girls!
damien pratt/james t. rao.
the stone roses/she bangs the drums.
the promise ring/skips a beat (over you).
floraline/eighty one.
bjork/the anchor song.
dexter gordon/three o'clock in the morning.
astrud gilberto/the gentle rain.
beck/mixed bizness.
cibo matto/sugar water.
pele/the mind of minolta.
pulp/disco 2000.
frank sinatra/i get a kick out of you.
les savy fav/dishonest don part two.
pavement/gold soundz.
al green/look what you done for me.
mogwai/waltz for aidan.
joan of arc/a party able model of.
I have been on mix tape double duty since the semester has ended. Instead of making one tape for everyone, I am personalizing tapes--I think I've bitten off more than I can chew.

This mix is for someone I work with:
joan of arc/me and america (or) the united colors of the gap.
very secretary/nakargot.
dirty three/hope.
american football/the one with the tambourine.
jejune/sitcom epiphany.
everclear/father of mine.
nick drake/place to be.
elliott smith/everybody cares, everybody understands.
rainer maria/lost, dropped, and cancelled.
sleater-kinney/the swimmer.
jj72/october swimmer.
tortoise/glass museum.
the posies/christmas.
bright eyes/something vague.
cap'n jazz/ooh do i love you.
modest mouse/broke.
the dismemberment plan/the city.
the smiths/last night i dreamt that someone loved me.
p.s. please be my salvation

I just ate an orange. yummy!
p.s. please be my salvation

I just ate an orange. yummy!
p.s. please be my salvation

I just ate an orange. yummy!

Sunday, December 17, 2000

I am listening to Slint's "Spiderland". "Washer" is on now, and as always, I have been moved to tears.
I am making yet another mix tape for someone's holiday gift. Right now I am stranded at home, more or less, because the fuel pump in my car is malfunctioning, and my dad has not been able to rectify the problem yet. Let's hope it isn't anything too bad or too costly...

I have just completed my first application for a Chicago school : DePaul University. DePaul is definitely a nice school that is situated in a good section of town, but I don't like it as much as UIC and Columbia College.

Oh yeah, I need to finish Christmas shopping, too.

np: Les Savy Fav "The Cat and the Cobra"