Monday, March 12, 2001

Today is the last day of spring break, and I have not updated this blog in SO long. Well that is all gonna change today. I am contemplating finishing a take home math exam and listening to a mix I made for Jenny. Kelis is over and Nation of Ulysses is about to begin. "Cool Senior High School (Fight Song)". Why is everything out of DC, musicwise, so great?

And speaking of great. The band is Starsailor and they have a single out. Get it however you can, and look for the song "Alcoholic", which was on an NME sampler. Quite possibly the best song I've heard all year.

I'm not gonna play catch up with all of the exclusive blog readers, instead I'll pretend that I never neglected this. This is what's doing the week of March 13th. I am in school and work, like normal, and then Thursday is a hip hop extravaganza at the Trocadero. Not one, not two, but three incredible rappers. We've got Dalek opening the show, then MC Paul Barman, and headlining is Prince Paul. All for fifteen bones.

Friday night is a DC meets Philly rock event Aim of Conrad (ex-Yokels), the West Philly all stars will be opening for Q and Not U (ex-Corm), representing DC. Someone else is playing, too. Saturday is even better. There's Denali (ex-Engine Down) and the wonderful Rainer Maria (ex-Ezra Pound), headlining. Someone else is playing that show, too. Oh yeah, both of these shows are the the Rotunda (4012 Walnut St.).

That's enough for now. I should be doing homework.

np: Jenny's mix.