Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Damn, damn, damn, I hate overexerting myself for Gen Ed classes that are not going to serve any purpose for me when I get a real job. The class I am referring to is Computer Science, and I've had hard at work on this paper for the past two hours. Of course writing it was the easy part, but not I have to go back and add color, italics, boldfaced words, Excel tables, and oh so many more things!

Enough complaining.

So, this new guy started at work, his name is Kevin and I think he is Vulcan. Or a robot. He shows absolutely no emotions. I was joking around with him yesterday and his face of stone did not budge. Maybe he is nervous. As Nikki was showing him how to make mocha freeze, she went through each step and he didn't so much as acknowledge what she was doing. Then she wrote a sticker that said "Kiss me, I'm Mocha Freeze", and then dated it. He didn't flinch.

I worked yesterday instead of tomorrow, and I did all of my Sunday/Monday work on Sunday, so I have a totally free day. Nikki and I have a picnic of some sorts planned, near her house. I am hoping for no rain. (no rain)

Current playlist: Alkaline Trio "From Here to Infirmary", Starsailor mp3's, JJ72, Lifetime "Jersey's Best Dancers", Mogwai "Come on Die Young", The University EP, Rainer Maria "A Better Version of Me", Juno/Dismemberment Plan split EP, Jill Scott "Words and Sounds Vol. 1, Journey "Greatest Hits", The Van Pelt "Sultans of Sentiment", Q and Not U "No KIll Beep Beep", Faraquet "The View From This Tower", Mos Def "Black on Both Sides"

back to this paper...
Screw this crap, I've had it (i've had it!)