Wednesday, October 24, 2001

It's post Biology test time, and I sort of have a good feeling about it. Well, sort of. I am guessing a C. And that's all I need to get by, because it is Biology.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

I need to get something eat now. And then go to class.

np: Embrace "S/T"
My favorite albums of the year, so far:
*Rainer Maria/A Better Version of Me
*Fugazi/The Argument
*Del Cielo/(demo CD-R)
*Marion Delgado/An Unfocused Lens Serves a Purpose After All
*Superchunk/Here's to Shutting Up
*The Silver Jews/Bright Flight

I think there's more.
Today consists of two classes:
*History of Civilization II
*French I

too many notes and not enough focus on the subject at hand: these classes, in a nutshell.
I am done with the Modern France packet.
Yesterday was a typical Monday. I woke too late to go to Biology, and I arrived on campus about an hour later to do some work, but what I forgot about was a packet that was due for Modern France. Well, that is alsmot done now, but back to yesterday.

Class was typical class. Bernadette didn't show up for Interpersonal Comm. (slacker), and I didn't go to Modern France (see previous paragraph), and then I went to Small Group Comm., which is basically that class only in name. The group I am in does absoutely nothhing, group-wise. They won't even respond to my e-mails. We watched "Freaks and Geeks", which was fun. I really like that show, and it is an episode which I haven't seen before. Apparently we are supposed to relate the group dynamics of that episode to the concepts we learned in Chapters 1-5 in the text, and instead of working together, my group decided to give each group member a chapter and put the paper together that way. I had to step in and change a few things around, but things are basically the same. I understand everyone's busy schedules and all, but it seems as though my group is afraid of working together. If they want to be that way, then fine, I'll put the exam paper together myself and celebrate the "A" that I earned.

Enough of that. After class, I went to the Quad for an hour and then I spent the rest of the night with Nichol. We walked to my house, went food shopping, and then went to sleep. A good end to a good day.

np: Superchunk "Here's to Shutting Up"
Touch me.
I need to do homework, I need to do something. I will always be distracted by the computer, and I still have Modern France homework to finish. It was due yesterday.

And it is October. I'd like to make a habit out of this.

np: Kerosene 454 "At Zero"